Ryan Mckinley

Occupation: Wastewater Operator

Location: Lancaster, PA

My connection to the Conowingo Dam: As a child I frequented the area; today as an adult, I consider the area the natural jewel of the South East sector of PA. There truly is a majestic triumph and beauty in the dam and its contributions to the people and energy needs for the region.

WaterStory: I'm a wastewater operator and I truly enjoy my job. My fascination for biology and industrial works began when I visited the visitor's center at Muddy Run Park as a kid. I can remember looking at the displays and going into a dark room where the diagrams were lit and showed the plant flow, as well as explored the facility through an audio narration. My memory, as I was so young, is spotty, but I remember blips of all these awe-inspiring images that I still carry with me. They led me to a career that I truly enjoy. I often consider walking along the waters edge as close to heaven as one can get. I enjoy wildlife, pumps and the natural cycles and hope to for years to come.

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