Barry E. Warren

Occupation: Photographer at BW Photography and retired truck driver of 31 years.

Location: Nottingham, PA

My connection to the Conowingo Dam: Has been a lifetime of enjoyment, I've known a few friends that worked there even back when it was Conowingo Power and Light.

Now I've been bringing my granddaughter to the dam with me. She loves coming to the dam with me. When ever she stays with my wife and I she asks "Pop Pop can we go to the dam?" and of course (weather permitting) we come and visit.

Story: I remember going to the Conowingo Dam since I was just a young lad in the 1960s.We would all hop in the car and go fishing (I would always catch the largest cat fish there).

In addition to my enjoyment of fishing, I have been into photography since my teens, so I've experienced the best of both worlds at the Conowingo Dam- a place known for its wildlife and natural beauty.

Naturally, the dam was a big part of my life when I was younger and is something I continue to enjoy in my later years. I am glad to have seen many changes and improvements over the years that have been made for the visitors that come to the dam.

The Conowingo Dam has been a big part of my life. For me, it’s been a great place for some rest and relaxation and not too far from home.

Thanks Conowingo Dam for all you have done.

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