Constellation Reopens Hiking Trails Near Fishermans Park After Temporary Closures Emplaced to Prevent the Spread of Avian Flu

Trails near Fisherman’s Park are now open after temporarily closing to help prevent the spread of Avian Flu.

As the operator of the Conowingo Dam – Maryland’s largest source of clean, renewable energy – Constellation cares deeply about the health and safety of our visitors and is committed to being a responsible environmental steward of its many recreational sites. There have been no black vulture carcasses collected in the area the over last several weeks, allowing Constellation to reopen the trails.

For context, in March 2023, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources collected black vulture carcasses on Constellation property near the entrance of Fishermen’s Park in March. Most of these carcasses were located near the first guard shack entering Fisherman’s Park Parking Lot on Shure’s Landing Road, also near the trailhead to the Wildflower Trail, but not near the fishing wharf or Conowingo Dam. The following month, Constellation closed a portion of the Wildflower Trail from Fisherman’s Park, including the gravel parking area adjacent to the trail, due to the presence of Avian Flu in these black vultures.

Constellation continues to remind all visitors never to touch dead or sick-looking birds and to avoid contact with bird droppings to maximize safety. Visitors should instead contact the security guard on site or call the Conowingo Visitor Center at 410.457.2427.

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